Meter Buttons

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The pointer moves to show how much fun you are having!
Get one for your friend, family member or co-worker.
Better yet, get one for yourself!
Order a bunch for a special occasion.
Anniversary party, Birthday party, Name tag for Reunions, Business promotion, Company picnic,
Family reunion, Graduation party, golf charity sponsor round or any fun event.
You can wear them to the club, bingo, concerts, sporting events, tournaments,
out partying with friends, office party or even to school.

If you would like to order CUSTOM Meter Buttons, please contact us

We can print your logo, phrase, company name or anything you want.
Use them to promote your business as a give away to customers.
Promote an event with a custom saying to make it fun.
The buttons are 2.25" in diameter with pin clasp on back.
The blanks have nothing printed below the pointer.